Lord, I Need You

Prayers From a Humble Heart Devotional Journal

Discover peace on earth as you whisper the words, “Lord, I need You”, and in that moment release all your worries, all your concerns, all your insecurities, all of it (every single detail) to Him.  Each heartfelt prayer and inspiring Scripture in this journal will draw you closer to God’s love and open the door to a deeper more meaningful relationship between you and your loving Father.

“Lord, I Need You”… isn’t that the essence of so many of our prayers?  And it is a good prayer because Jesus is everything that we need!  We cannot ask for or imagine more.

When I bow my head and surrender it all, I have realized that “I can’t and only He can.”  And in that moment, my heart is open for what He wants to do in my life.

Sandy invites you to join her in praying these prayers with an open and expectant heart.  Let us see how He will answer us.  And as we read the Scriptures, let us look for His heart as He changes ours.

“Lord, I Need You” has 94 devotional prayers each with a lined page across from it for journaling.  The elastic bookmark makes it easy to keep your place.  This journal is 8 ¼ x 6 ¼ inches.